Greetings, one and all. The miracle titling this page was the most unexpected most pleasant experience of my life. This is my home page and will, most of the time have this brief outline of my site or the page about how I happen to be living on Booth Hill. miraculously


Of My World

Rear Views articles will be about me personally. There are several short pages covering my life from beginning up to around now. I can't use 'beginning to end' as I am not quite ended yet. From time to time I expect to add episodes that strike my fancy. I hope they might also interest a few readers.


Of The Material World

Right now I see five Present-day View articles. Four are diaries, sort of, of tasks I believe God wants me to finish or get close enough that others can do so. The fifth is a diary  about my lung cancer and its treatment. The order of completion is in God's hands. This web site speaks for itself.


Of The Spiritual World

My views of Booth Hill, its surroundings and inhabitants, and about nearby places and happenings will go here. I expect much of this will be interesting mostly to local readers, perhaps only me.


From The Editor

If I have a view on a world happening or something occurs about which I think I have something to write, it will be here. Mostly they will about events similar to or related to a personal experience. 


Spiritual World Views

My views of numinoushappenings and also some views that might relate to the world to come will be here. 


Christian Views

The views in this section are a collection of the editorial pages from The Christian Chatter that I have written almost monthly beginning in 2007. The Christian Chatter is a newsletter intended for the members of the Vanceburg United Methodist Church. I have edited them to remove items related only to the Church or to individuals, with a few exceptions.


"Fictual" Views

This section will house some short stories and articles I have written, mostly as part of courses I took from The Institute For Children's Literature. Some will be fiction, some will be factual.There may also be some stories and articles by friends and family members. We shall see.


Trip Reports

I have not traveled extensively but have been on business trips to Moscow, Iran, and Aruba with stories to tell. I also spent two months touring 1958 vintage Europe by automobile. Time permitting, trip reports of those trips will find a home here.


Miscellaneous Views

This section will most likely be small. I'm not much for housekeeping or cooking so seldom discover anything useful. It's the same for humor. Most of what I think is humorous is already somewhere on the internet, There may be some referals here as well as actual articles.  I have no idea how to organize it.