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Thank You; Thanks to all of you who gave me Christmas cards.

Looking Back; I printed this in the November 2008 issue of this newsletter. It is still true and worth repeating.

Reverend Carl Townsend – I got an e-mail from Carl with this in it, nothing else.

“We truly take a lot for granted. Forget the football "heroes" and movie "stars. Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you,

Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your soul; the other for your freedom.”

Three Wise Women; Last year about this time I saw a web article humorously discussing what might have been if the three wise men visiting Jesus had been women. I realized there could be a serious side to the three wise women idea. I never wrote it. probably never will; still there are interesting possibilities. What if one were your mother?

Sheep and Goats; The December 30 Sunday School lesson talked of Jesus separating sheep from the goats, the sheep receiving eternal life and the goats doomed to eternal punishment. We should do all we can to aid those destined to be sheep and ignoring those destined to be goats. Our problem is that we do not have God’s wisdom to know if someone will be a sheep or a goat. Our solution is to treat everyone as a potential sheep, very hard to do.

As an aside, real goats, although temperamental, serve useful purposes, giving milk and mowing lawns.

Calendars, Address Labels, Cards; I received 23 unsolicited and unwanted 2019 calendars, innumerable greeting cards, and a lifetime supply of address labels. Someone suggested I count the cards. I might if I could count that high.

Apology; I have been writing a lot, perhaps too much, about the evils of Progressivism. It is because I feel it is regressive, destructive, and evil and has failed in every country trying it. Why should we adopt it expecting a different outcome?

Cancer; There is a cancer spreading over this nation, this world that is far deadlier and more aggressive than the one I have.

Eggs; It just occurred to me that eggs are in the same group as milk and honey. No harm comes to the hen laying an egg and laying an egg doesn’t hurt unless you are a would-be comedian. That may sound strange to young folk, but back in the day (before movies) theater entertainment was live. Comedians were part of the show. A bad joke was sometimes followed by a barage of eggs thrown at the comedian. I was called "Laying an egg."

Upper Room Pages; These two pages appeared back-to-back in the November-December 2018 issue of the The Upper Room. The First One seemed aimed directly at me. What she and her husband experienced is very similar what I am going through. God will walk with me just as He is with them. I found a web site connected to her name, emailed it, and discovered I had found the author when she sent me an email later the same day. I think you would like her site, https://dianaderringer.com/ I began receiving a weekly newsletter right after I found the site.  It is wholesome and fun.

The Second Page is about freedom which I think we are slowly losing as our big government intrudes more and more into our lives. George Orwell in Animal Farm had one of the privileged pigs controlling the government say, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” The sentence is a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality and freedom of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite. Sadly, it seems to me we are becoming such a nation.





























Preaching for Profit; I wrote about TV evangelists and my suspicions of them in the December of 2017 issue, but this January 20th Sunday School lesson shed a new light on the subject. The lesson told us to focus on the message, not the messenger. Regardless of the TV evangelist’s motives, if the message is true, learn from it, if not change channels. Their motivation, selfish or Godly, will be recorded in their record book. What I think of them will be recorded in my record book. Just the same, I still question their wealth but cannot judge it. Wealth may be essential to the effort they are making,

Advertising Wording; I recently heard this in a TV commercial, “It has been successfully tested to help you,” It occurred to me that the successful test could have ended in failure to help. I wonder if the product could be advertised this way, “It has been tested to successfully help you.” Both use the same words, but the meaning is very different.

Is Everybody Happy?; Ted Lewis made the question famous in two movies (1929 and 1943) and the title song of that name. In today’s world, progressive people, groups, organizations and governments seem to be trying to do just that to all of us.

Because of progressive efforts in today’s world, a second question comes to mind, “Is anybody happy?”

Now for the answer. It is, “No!” to both questions.

Progressives are unhappy because they have not destroyed enough barriers; the rest of us are unhappy because our freedoms are being eroded, one by one.

If you try to make everybody happy the end result is that nobody is happy.

From the February 2019 Kentucky Explorer – “The economic and technological triumphs of the past few years have not solved as many problems as we thought they would, and, in fact, have brought us new problems we did not foresee.” - Henry Ford II who died on September 29, 1987.

And he wasn’t speaking of the internet, social media, home computers, or cell phones. What would he say today? He would say the same, but in a louder voice.

St. Valentine’s Day; It may have been a good day for you, in the year 278 A.D. it was bad for St. Valentine. He was beheaded on February 14 of that year.

About The Following Sabbath Day Editorial; I hope I offend no one with the rather long writing about the Sabbath Day. It is vital that we keep it Holy for our future. That said, I do not believe anyone with absolute certainty can say which of the next seven consecutive days is the Sabbath Day.

Sabbath Day; While waiting to see my doctor before my biweekly infusion of OPDIVO (the capital letters are theirs, not mine), I came across a book titled “Ten Commandments Twice Removed.” I didn’t have time to read it but was intrigued by the title, so I ordered it.

In Chapter 1 It briefly identified the first removal as that by the government and other institutions removing the Ten Commandments from buildings and lawns all over the country. The rest of the book tried to prove we all have removed them, especially the 4th one, by treating Sunday as the Sabbath.

The book turned out to be a Seventh Day Adventist publication with much good reading. but aimed at proving Saturday is the Sabbath Day. I found it confusing and no more convincing than Catholic and Protestant arguments for Sunday and Islamist views that it is Friday.

The Bible speaks of a seven day sequence of six working days followed by the Sabbath Day. It never links them to the seven man-named days we call a week.

To be God’s Sabbath Day, the day, counting from God’s day 1 must be a whole number divisible exactly by seven. Was last Sunday one of those? Or was it Saturday or possibly Tuesday?

If one believes this is year 5779 (as it is according to the Jewish calendar) from the first year, then somewhere near 2,100,000 days have occurred. It is a Sabbath Day.

I believe there is only a one-in-seven chance of that. I base my opinion on a lack of any means of keeping track of days gone by in the very early days and my fallibility at keeping track of days gone by in these days. I have gone a whole day thinking it was another. I believe that could have happened to the day counter before calendars existed, perhaps more than once.

The Gregorian Calendar, the one we use, was introduced in 1582. It identifies its Sundays as coinciding with  Sabbath Days. Did or will one of its Sundays coincide with day 2,100,000, the 300,000th Sabbath? Possibly, but more likely not.

I also believe the same of the Jewish and Seventh Day Adventists belief that Saturdays are Sabbath Days and the Islamist belief that Fridays are Sabbath Days.

If we assume a day for God is 1000 of our years as stated in the Bible, then we are near the 6th day in His second week following the creation and His second Sabbath will be around our year 3000, perhaps coinciding with the second coming.

What is important is that we observe the Sabbath Commandment on one day out of seven, Sunday being that day.

I also think each of God’s days once there was light and dark began at sunup when he began the day’s work after which time he rested (slept?) until sunup, not that a day starts at sundown. A day consisted of work time, evening and morning, the sequence written in Genesis.

God has it right and will fairly judge us.



Some Sentences to Ponder from The Autobiography of George Müller (1805 – 1898)

From Page 33 of the 1985 Whitaker House Paperback: Simplicity of expression is of utmost importance. The teacher should speak so that even children and people who cannot read may be able to understand him, as far as the natural mind can comprehend the things of God. Every congregation has people of various educational and social backgrounds. The expounder of the truth of God speaks for God and for eternity. It is unlikely that he will benefit the hearers unless he uses plain speech.

If the preacher strives to speak according to the rules of this world, he may please many, particularly those who have a literary taste. But he is less likely to become an instrument in the hands of God for the conversion of sinners or for the building up of saints. Neither eloquence nor depth of thought makes a truly great preacher. Only a life of prayer and meditation will render him a vessel ready for the Master’s use and fit to be employed in the conversion of sinners and in the edification of the saints.

My comment; I think modern religions have strayed far from the scriptures.

More of George Müller; George Müller never asked anyone for so much as a penny for himself, his family, or his ministries. He also never divulged how bad-off he often was. Often, he had barely more than a penny when he set out for the day. He did ask God to provide the money for all his needs and God did.

The result was many day schools (both boys and girls), adult schools, infant orphanages, boys’ orphanages, girls’ orphanages, and scripture distribution.

In 1875 he began a preaching tour of over 200,000 miles in forty-two countries to reach over 3,000,000 people.

Early in his spiritual career he started The Scriptural Knowledge Institution for Home and Abroad. The institution had these seven principles.

  1. We consider every believer to be called to help the cause of Christ, and we have scriptural reasons to expect the Lord’s blessing on our work of faith and labor of love.
  2. With the Lord’s help we will not seek the patronage of the world. We never intend to ask unconverted people of rank or wealth to support this institution because we believe this would be dishonorable to the Lord.
  3. We will not ask unbelievers for money although we will accept their contributions if they offer them of their own accord.
  4. We reject the help of unbelievers in managing or carrying on the affairs of the institution.
  5. We intend never to enlarge the field of labor by contracting debts and then appealing to the church for help.
  6. We will not measure the success of the institution by the amount of money given or the number of Bibles distributed, but by the Lord’s blessing on the work.
  7. While we avoid needless separation, we desire to go on simply according to the scripture, without compromising the truth.

Later in the book, page 162, George writes, “I do not mean to say that it would be acting against the precepts of the Lord to seek for help in His work by personal and individual requests to believers.”

George Müller Charitable Trust; George’s legacy is the now named The George Müller Charitable Trust or affectionately just Müllers which carries on his work as he did. Where needed the Trust provides financial support as targeted grants and microfinancing. It offers a hand up rather than a hand out.

In its 2016-2017 business year, $1,900,000 found its way to grass roots efforts. That’s not a lot compared to what the US gives countries purportedly for similar purposes, but which often ends up in in some official’s pocket.

One thing certain is that a dollar from Mullers does far more than a dollar from the US Government.


FETV; It stands for Family Entertainment Television and is Channel 9642 of the Dish Satellite Television Service. This year it regularly serves up The Roy Rogers Show, The Lone Ranger, Father Knows Best, Hazel, I Dream of Jennie, Bewitched, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Perry Mason, and Matlock during my awake hours.

While I am sleeping it has T. J. Hooker, Hart to Hart, Maude, Barney Miller, One Day at a Time, Designing women, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Lassie, Joyce Meyer, Enjoying Every Day, and Life Today with James Robison.

On weekends it presents The Flying Nun, The Monkees, The Partridge Family, Peter Gunn, The Bob Newhart Show, and several religious programs at the expense of its regular programs. I find the plots somewhat obvious, the settings very contrived and often obviously fake, the humor to be funny and not gross, and something good to be learned in every episode.

The US Navy would call each episode ASTOWIAMO. I wrote about Navy acronyms in the February 2018 issue so you should easily realize it is short for “A story with a moral.”

I recommend it if you want to watch a good world rather than our present bad one.

The longest minute. It’s the “let stand one minute” one right after the microwave finishes heating a frozen meal.

Marie Callender Products; Many of the products are advertised as home made and show Marie slaving over her four-burner kitchen stove. Considering the thousand of meals made every day, she is probably the busiest human cook in the world.

Mary Tyler Moore Show; Ted Baxter once said, “Those who can, do; those who can’t don’t.”

Wise Advice; I found this in the Kentucky Philosopher column of the March 2019 issue of Kentucky Explorer. We should all heed it.

“Conversation: Not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment,” attributed to George Sala, of whom I never before heard.

Church Chuckles; While cleaning up the stuff piled on my dining room table, I ran across a book titled Church Chuckles by Ellen P. Blooming and Paul Seaburn in 2005. I have no recollection of how I come to have it. This was in it.

A little boy’s prayer: “Dear God, please take care of Mommy and Daddy and my sister and my brother and me.  And please take care of yourself, God. If anything happens to you, we’re gonna be in a big mess.”

Thoughts about my Pneumonia Encounter, First Thought; Early in my Intensive Care stage I was interviewed for the hospital records. They asked what I would want if my heart stopped. I selected not to be resuscitated with the interviewer saying, “It will be up to God no matter what you choose.” I knew that to be true, so her words were comforting. She then attached a blue bracelet around my right arm. It read “DO NOT RESUSITATE.” That was when I finally realized pneumonia was far more serious then I had thought. Perhaps it was selfish of me to choose a quick end. I did not mean it that way. Second Thought; I lost ten pounds, but I don’t recommend this a preferred way to loose weight. The Hospital diet cannot compete with Weight Watchers or Nutrisystems. That includes Rehabilitation Facility food but not as much. Most of it was pretty good but not my first choice. Third Thought; A lot went on that has convinced me God had a hand in my getting pneumonia and much of what went on with me in Meadowview. Those experiences will take far more than one page to document. It will be written elsewhere later. Single Sentence Thoughts; Breathing through a Nebulizer for a half-hour three times a day is boring. Dragging an oxygen cylinder around limits your mobility. Getting tangled up in a 20 foot oxygen tube connected to a central oxygen generator makes walking around your home quite a hazard. Stopping both the nebulizer and the oxygen treatments is a very good thing.

How Good is Your Memory?; The gospels were written some 30 to 50 years after the crucifixion according to experts in biblical matters. There are some differences in their descriptions of some of those events. Do those differences suggest the books are invalid?

There is also speculation that parts of Matthew, Mark, and Luke were copied from earlier documents, the Q document and the L document. Does this invalidate the books?

Either way the books were written from memories of Jesus' life and memories are personal and not always accurate. They come close but different points make different impressions.

I am now trying to write about some of the things that happened to me in March. They are getting mixed up and hard to sort out.

How about trying it for yourself. Pick an event from sometime in the past. Now pick a friend that was a part of the event. Next, have you and your friend describe it on paper. Compare the results. How similar or different are they?’

God or Money; Which do you value most? It’s a tough question in this present world. This is the right answer.

Matthew 6:24 (CEB)No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be loyal to the one and have contempt for the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.

Our government seems to have made money its God. It measures success by how much is spent rather than how much is accomplished.

Local, grassroots, and most Christian charities, being short of money make good use of it. Their success can be measured by results. That is a good thing.



Tomatoes, Then and Now; When I was young, just a few years ago, I loved tomato slices with salt. They were tasty and sweet without salt, but better with salt. Then I moved to New Jersey where I lived along the street farmers brought their tomatoes to Campbell’s tomato processing plant. Half bushel baskets were stacked high on the trucks. They used small baskets because the weight of the tomatoes on top crushed those at the bottom of the basket.

A few years later tomatoes arrived in two-foot-high boxes, two boxes across, about six boxes front to back, and four deep on flatbed tractor-trailer trucks. Several years after that they arrived in a single frame trailer piled high, maybe over six feet.

Campbell’ tomato breeders had succeeded in hybridizing a tough-skinned tomato, so tough those at the bottom of six feet of tomatoes were not crushed. It was all done in the interest of Campbell’s tomato processing, not us tomato eaters.

You almost need to peel tomatoes now if you want to eat them off the vine. They also do not taste as good as they did.

I suspect food processing companies would greatly love tasteless raw materials as they could uniformly doctor them to the desired taste. As it is they have to adjust the additives and taste test to reach their goal.

You Have to Believe; When you read many verses in the New Testament, you find they are about the fulfillment of prophesies made and recorded in the Old Testament. The New Testament events or words are spontaneous. As an example, in Mark 14:26, Jesus tells his disciples they will falter just as predicted in Zechariah 13:7. They say they won’t but do. I’m sure they didn’t disappear into the crowd to make Zechariah look good, but of their own free will and fears.

Joseph did not take his family to Egypt so Jesus could come from Egypt just to make Hosea look good (Hosea 11:1), but out of fear of what might happen if he stayed around Bethlehem. I also doubt Joseph, a carpenter, even new there had been a Hosea.

To me, it is another proof the Bible is true that so many later events were predicted so far in advance if their actual happening and by so many different prophets,

The linkage of prophecy and event are, for the most part, recognized by the New Testament author, not those making the prophecy come true.  

My Pneumonia Event in Detail; I have spent many hours trying to understand and write about most of what happened while I was dealing with pneumonia. I ended up with far too much to put in The Christian Chatter. Instead I put it on my website. It is included inside menu item Present-day Views and in the article titled Traveling on Lung Cancer Road. A major part of the article is about The Pneumonia Detour which I believe was a God given event. To read it go to www.allentbooth.com or Google allentbooth.com. Be sure to include the “t.”

Author's Current Comment; The above paragraph s from The Christian Chatter. If you are reading this you can get to the article by clicking the link in the paragraph.

From Decision Points by George W. Bush; I came across this while hunting for ideas for Page 2. Here it is without comment, lucky you.

Then we reached a remote part of the property. A lone hen turkey was standing in the road. I stopped the truck. The bird stayed put.

“What is that?” the crown prince asked.

I told him it was a turkey. “Benjamin Franklin loved the turkey so much he wanted it to be America’s national bird,” I said.

Suddenly I felt the crown prince’s hand grab my arm. “My brother,” he said, “it is a sign from Allah. This is a good omen.”

I’ve never fully understood the significance of the bird, but I felt the tension begin to melt. When we got back to the house, our aides were surprised to hear us say we were ready for lunch. The next day, I got a call from Mother and Dad. The crown prince had stopped in Houston to visit them. Mother said he had tears in his eyes as he recounted his time in Crawford and talked about what we could achieve together. For the rest of my presidency, my relationship with the crown prince—soon to be king—was extremely close. I had never seen a hen turkey on that part of the property before, and I haven’t seen one since.

Cleanliness; I am not convinced that the freedom from germs offered by today’s detergents, soaps, germicides and sanitizers are of much value except to those profiting by their sale.

Fillers from the Kentucky Explorer;

May 2019; It is my principle that the will of the majority should always prevail. Thomas Jefferson 

If Patrick Henry thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see it with representation. Author unknown 

Every man has a right to be heard, but no man has the right to strangle democracy with a single set of vocal cords, Adlai E. Stevenson

I mistrust the judgement of every man in a case in which his own wishes are concerned, First Duke of Wellington.

Territory is but the body of a nation. The people who inhabit its hills and valleys are its soul, its spirit, its life. James A. Garfield 

Sept 2018; There are times when parenthood seems nothing more than feeding the hand that bites you. – Peter De Vries

When it comes to doing for others, some people stop at nothing. – Anon.

People seldom improve when they have no other model than themselves to copy after. – Goldsmith

Dad criticized the sermon. Mother thought the organist made a lot of mistakes. Sis didn’t like the choir’s singing. But the all shut up when little Billy chipped in with the remark, “I think it was a darn good show for a nickel.”


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