Rear Views

This section is not about derrieres but about what I see looking in my personal rear view mirror. There are several short articles covering my life from beginning up to around now. I can't use 'beginning to end' as I am not quite ended yet. From time to time I expect to add episodes that strike my fancy. I hope they might also interest some readers.

It will also be a collection of things I remember (and want to talk about) about myself, reminiscences and introspections, if you will. That might make it a disjointed autobiography.

This is the first of a three part brief autobiography. This part covers the time before Dad built our home on Booth Hill and the early years there.

My first relocation was Xenia, Ohio.

The Descision to Return

Sometime late in 2005 I had to visit my homtown. I forget the reason.  to do somthingor very early 2006