Rear Views

This section is not about derrieres but about what I see looking in my personal rear view mirror. There are several short articles covering my life from beginning up to around now. I can't use 'beginning to end' as I am not quite ended yet. From time to time I expect to add episodes that strike my fancy. I hope they might also interest some readers.

It will also be a collection of things I remember (and want to talk about) about myself, reminiscences and introspections, if you will. That might make it a disjointed autobiography.

Bouncing Around

The closing of L. V. Marks & Sons shoe factory in Vanceburg late in 1949 forced Dad to find a new job. It was The Joyce Shoe Company in Xenia, Ohio. Dad rented a house near there and Mom and I followed him to Xenia after school was out and I was to be a High School Senior. I graduated High School at Xenia Central and started college at The University of Cincinnati while home was Xenia. Co-op work at UC got me to Camden, New Jersey and a rooming house at 206 Cooper Street, and a job at RCA. Another plant closing for Dad and Mom and Dad moved to Palmyra, Pennslyvania while I bounce back and forth between the UC dorms and the Cooper Street rooming house with an occasional stop over with Mom and Dad. I graduated from UC in 1955 and really settled in at 206 Cooper Street in then beautiful almost downtown Camden, New Jersey.

This is the first of a three part brief autobiography. This part covers the time before Dad built our home on Booth Hill and the early years there.