Of My World

The articles collected here are of my personal world, a combination diary and biography with some odds and ends thrown in. diar


This section is not about derrieres but about what I see looking in my personal rear view mirror. There are several short articles covering my life from beginning up to around now. I can't use 'beginning to end' as I am not quite ended yet. From time to time I expect to add episodes that strike my fancy. I hope they might also interest some readers.

It will also be a collection of things I remember (and want to talk about) about myself, reminiscences and introspections, if you will. That might make it a disjointed autobiography.

This section will be views about Booth Hill, its surroundings and inhabitants, and about nearby places and happenings. Some will be current; most will be from the past. I expect much of this will be interesting mostly to local readers.

I created this section to cover several ongoing strings of events, one is serious, two are God inspired, two are about books I am writing, and one is a catch-all. The serious one is about my battle with lung cancer and related events. The first God inspired one is about the formation of Forward with Friend, LLC and its related web site. forwardwithfriends.org  to aid addicts and recovering addicts now and much more in the future. The second God inspired one is about building Ebenezer Lighthouse as a beacon of help for addicts and recovering addicts. The lighthouse physically shows what Forward with Friends is about. The first book article is about writing a brief autobiography I currently call A Brief History of a long life, Mostly Good, Always  Guided. The second book article is about a book I started after the death by drug overdose of a young man I knew from his birth. It is titled The “GOOD” Life and is about him. The catch-all article gives me a place to write about unrelated current events.

Some of what is in here will be fictional, some will be factual, and some will be fictional based on fact. I invented the word 'Fictual' to describe this mixed bag of content. The section will house some short stories I have written, many as part of courses I took from The Institute For Children's Literature. Somewhere, sometime I will have some things to say (all good) about the Instuitute.

Some stories may be from as early as my Pre-School years, mostly by heresay as I don't remember much from those days. Some will be from the octogenarian me still around. There may also be some stories and articles by friends and family members. We shall see.

This section will be a collection of articles about trips I have made and places I have been. First on my To-do list is my trip to the USSR just before the Moscow summer Olympics.

 More later.


A collection of articles about places I have visited, mostly out of country.

I am presently having problems seeing the organization of this section. I don't like what I have now have - Humor and Helpful? Hints.

I know I want one page of one-liners, very short entries, but not always humerous. I think I have to have a page titled "Commercial Nonsense" where I will try to point out the nonsense in TV commercials.