Miscellaneous Views

I am presently having problems seeing the organization of this section. I don't like what I have now have - Humor and Helpful? Hints.

I know I want one page of one-liners, very short entries, but not always humerous. I think I have to have a page titled "Commercial Nonsense" where I will try to point out the nonsense in TV commercials.

In June of 2007, I volunteered to assume authorship of our Church newsletter, The Christian Chatter. As I reformatted it to my liking, I decided to reserve one page for myself to write about whatever popped into my fingers. Many of these pages will find their way to menu item Chatter. However, Boiled Egg paragraphs popped over the years. I have collected them her for your use and edification.

From time to time I run across a hint that you may or may not find helpful They are all found here in no particular order.

I found these to be amusing and even sometimes educational. I hope you find them the same.