In June of 2007, I volunteered to assume authorship of our Church newsletter, The Christian Chatter. As I reformatted it to my liking, I decided to reserve one page for myself to write about whatever popped into my fingers. Many of these pages will find their way to menu item Chatter. However, Boiled Egg paragraphs popped over the years. I have collected them her for your use and edification.

February 2013 Issue, Peeling Eggs – Everyone probably has a favorite way to boil eggs. This, however,  is a recipe for peeling eggs, a chore The Christian Chatter staff dreaded until now. First make them cold by draining off the hot water and then running cold water over them until they are cold. Next, drain off the water and put a cover on the pan. Now for the fun part, shake them vigorously. The shells break and some actually come off. Remove the peeled ones and continue shaking. More will self-peel. The shells that remain are easy to remove. It works much better than rolling them around one at a time and then laboriously peeling them.

January 2014 Issue, An Update on Boiling Eggs – Adding a half teaspoon of Baking Soda to the water makes them peel even in easier when bounced around in a sauce pan J

December 2017 Issue, More About Boiled Eggs – I once wrote about peeling boiled eggs. I learned something else the hard way. Peeled boiled eggs explode at about 30 seconds in a microwave. They are not quite warm on the outside at 20 seconds but they do not explode.

February 2018 Issue, Boiled Eggs, Last Mention – I promise this will be my last paragraph about boiled eggs unless I discover something else of interest.

If you don’t like boiling and peeling eggs, then buy them already boiled and peeled. I find it an excellent but more costly solution. Ron’s IGA grocery has them in packages of three. The only problem this solution poses is the package, which is a little hard to open.

March 2018 Issue, Boiled Eggs, I Lied Last Month – This is it, the absolute last mention of boiled eggs. Consider it a pinky promise. Just after I finished last month’s newsletter, I saw a TV ad for plastic cups that you dump the contents of eggshells into. (forgive the bad grammar) You then put them into boiling water and they easily drop from the plastic cups thus making perfectly formed boiled eggs. They come in packets of three, but wait, and they will give you three more for free and throw in free shipping also. I do not intend to try them. Dad tried lots of Bargains with little success as have I. What works so easily and beautifully in a TV studio does not always produce the same results in an ordinary kitchen. What you get free is usually worth the price, nothing, this Newsletter being an exceptionJ

August 2018 Issue, Boiled Eggs, Again? – I know I promised never to mention them again, but I am. I broke down and bought four Egglettes at the Maysville Kroger Store. I just tried them out and they seem to work and clean as advertised, at least the first time. Time will tell. The only drawback, if it is a drawback, is that the boiled egg is flat on the top when in the Egglette and on the bottom when squeezed out onto a plate, kind of odd. Also, you only get one deviled egg per egg, but it’s bigger. And it comes with 17 recipes, some tempting, some not so.