The Descision to Return

Sometime late in 2005 I had to visit my homtown. I forget the reason.  to do somthingor very early 2006



Nicknames and Memories 

Mom’s nickname was Bob. She got it when she cut off (bobbed) her hair as did her favorite actress, Clara Bow. Dad, who worked in shoe factories all his life was appropriately called Bootie. His favorite actor was William S. Hart but Dad never wore a gun.

Folks that have any face to face memories of Bob and Bootie are fast fading from this world. Dad was 110 of our years in the year of our Lord, 2014; Mom was 109 that same year, but they are now living in an ageless world.

I have had several nicknames over the years; fatty, Little Allen, Al, Albert, Unc, and Allen T. None stuck for long, so I am still Allen. I am still in our world, the one that measures time.


How I Got to Booth Hill this Last Time

I spent most of my adult years away from Booth Hill, except for visits. Dad was in the business of making shoes and the shoe factory in town closed. That caused us to move from Vanceburg for my High School senior year, college, and an engineering career. We went where Dad’s work took us, Xenia, Ohio and later to Palmyra, Pennsylvania. Mom moved back when I graduated college. Dad moved back a little later and later worked for US Shoe in a factory in Indiana until US Shoe built and opened its factory in Vanceburg.

Dad retired from US Shoe and began making leather purses (some locals will recall Bootie’s Bags), billfolds, belts and other leather products with all profits donated to the Youth Group at our Vanceburg United Methodist Church.

I worked for five different corporations without ever changing jobs. The corporations were Radio Corporation of America, then RCA Corporation, then General Electric Company, then Martin Marietta Corporation, and finally Lockheed Martin. I retired from Lockheed Martin just as they were selling their government communications business group to a newly formed company. I had had enough and retired in April of 1997, just before my 65th birthday. I stayed in New Jersey surrounded by commitments and with the friends I'd made over the years, enjoying retirement. Mom had died in 1989, Dad in 1990. Finally as the friends and fun dwindled, I decided to quit New Jersey and return to my roots. I moved back in 2006. I renovated the old home and added an extension. I am happy. My plan is to live here until I die. That time is fast approaching. Then I will be buried just down the hill from this home.