Bouncing Around

The closing of L. V. Marks & Sons shoe factory in Vanceburg late in 1949 forced Dad to find a new job. It was The Joyce Shoe Company in Xenia, Ohio. Dad rented a house near there and Mom and I followed him to Xenia after school was out and I was to be a High School Senior. I graduated High School at Xenia Central and started college at The University of Cincinnati while home was Xenia. Co-op work at UC got me to Camden, New Jersey and a rooming house at 206 Cooper Street, and a job at RCA. Another plant closing for Dad and Mom and Dad moved to Palmyra, Pennslyvania while I bounce back and forth between the UC dorms and the Cooper Street rooming house with an occasional stop over with Mom and Dad. I graduated from UC in 1955 and really settled in at 206 Cooper Street in then beautiful almost downtown Camden, New Jersey.



The Picture is a 2016 Google Earth Street View.The left half of the duplex is 206. The right half, 204. 202, hidden by the trees is a historic landmark. 206 has not changed over the years and is apparantly still not air conditionedCamden, New Jersey

The rooming house was two blocks from the RCA building where I worked. It was also within walking distance of three theaters and many restaurants. There was a laundry in the same block and (believe it or not) we didn't lock the front door at night. 

The Picture is a 2016 Google Earth Street View.The left half of the duplex is 206. The right half is 204. 200, hidden by the trees, is a historic landmark. 206 has not changed over the years and is apparantly still not air conditioned. Note the fan in the second story window. The sidewalk is much improved.

Edward Sharp had the historic landmark home (now 200 Cooper) built in 1812. Edward Sharp's property along with the properties of Joshua Cooper and Jacob Cooper became the early Camden. There was a story floating around the area that the house to the left of 206 was built for the child of Edward Sharp and that 204 and 206 were built for that child's two children. I have not and do not intend to verify the story.

I lived in 206 until 19//. Camden had gone downhill a lot during the years I lived there. It went from unlocked doors, sitting on the front steps at night, and walking home after a night at the movies to locking the doors, no local theaters, and looking both ways before running across the street to my car.

I moved because the landlady died and her family decided to sell it and because it was really unsafe to live in that part of Camden. I bought into a condominium organization in nearby Haddonfield, New Jersey.


Haddonfield, New JerseyHaddonfield Commons

Some friends who lived in Haddonfield, New Jersey convinced me to buy a condiminium unit at Haddonfield Commons. I bought a 11/2  bath unit on the fourth floor of Plaza Commons, the six story building in the picture. The driveway is the entry to the under-building parking area. The other two buildings were Haddon Commons and Woodland Commons.

The Picture is a 2016 Google Earth Street View of one end of the Haddonfield Commons three building complex.

I lived there up to, through, and after retirement. Then in 2006, I decided to return to my roots.  That brought  the in-between years to an end.