Present-day Views

This article was begun about six months after I had a glance at the "Lung Cancer Road Ahead" road sign while chauffering Dr. Clark. I began traveling it last October. Along the way I encountered the Pneumonia Detour. With the detour safely behind me I am now continuing along Lung Cancer Road. This article will be updated when I pass significant and maybe some insignificant landmarks or when I arrive at a dead end.

God put one word in my head as I woke up on March 16, 2018. The word was "Ebenezer." That left me with the question, "What did He mean by that?"


I began my autobiography when I decided I could not revise The "GOOD" Life to include my early life.Also The "GOOD" Life was nearly complete. The date was January 14, 2019, two days before my 86th birthday. I am presently calling it "A Brief History of a Long Life. Mostly Good, Always Guided."

I started this long ago. It has evolved several times and is one chapter and a serious revision away from completion.