'Fictual' Views

Some of what is in here will be fictional, some will be factual, and some will be fictional based on fact. I invented the word 'Fictual' to describe this mixed bag of content. The section will house some short stories I have written, many as part of courses I took from The Institute For Children's Literature. Somewhere, sometime I will have some things to say (all good) about the Instuitute.

Some stories may be from as early as my Pre-School years, mostly by heresay as I don't remember much from those days. Some will be from the octogenarian me still around. There may also be some stories and articles by friends and family members. We shall see.

A meighborCrows Remebered

This is a fairly decent picture of the crow who visited me one nice spring day. Almost the instant I took the picture he fled the scene, an unfriendly act, but he comes back almost daily. His visit reminded me of an event of many years ago.

This story is about a real Halloween Trick or Treat night in the early 1940s. It is based on fact but with enhanced descriptions. The names are of real people, some still alive. I was about seven and had just moved to what I now call Booth Hill. It was Halloween and time to Trick or Treat.