Of The Spiritual World

This section will be my views on spiritual matters and of God's world.

A collection of spiritual articles

Excerpts from

The Christian Chatter

A newsletter for members of the
Vanceburg United Methodist Church

I volunteered to be the entire staff responsible for our Church newsletter, The Christian Chatter, near the middle of 2007. It was free and freely distributed monthly at our Church except for the months when my alcohol addiction had higher priority. Toward the end of 2018 I had the idea of collecting my editorial pages and posting them here on my web site. They mostly represent ā€œviewsā€ I have had over the years so seen appropriate. Look for the 2019 articles early in 2020, God willing.

I have edited them to remove names (mostly) and have deleted paragraphs that were of interest only to Church members, possibly not even them. I hope my readers find some interesting thoughts in what remains of the original pages. Cartoons were obtained from Church Art Online, https://www.churchart.com/ Occasionally I use a scan of a page (without permission) from The Upper Room published by The Upper Room, 1908 Grand Ave., Nashville TN 37203-2129. I hope Iā€™m not sued. I highly recommend devouring The Upper Room daily.

Read on. They are organized by year and month of the original, providing it was written and of general (I hope) interest.