Excerpts from

The Christian Chatter

A newsletter for members of the
Vanceburg United Methodist Church

I volunteered to be the entire staff responsible for our Church newsletter, The Christian Chatter, near the middle of 2007. It was free and freely distributed monthly at our Church except for the months when my alcohol addiction had higher priority. Toward the end of 2018 I had the idea of collecting my editorial pages and posting them here on my web site. They mostly represent “views” I have had over the years so seen appropriate. Look for the 2019 articles early in 2020, God willing.

I have edited them to remove names (mostly) and have deleted paragraphs that were of interest only to Church members, possibly not even them. I hope my readers find some interesting thoughts in what remains of the original pages. Cartoons were obtained from Church Art Online, https://www.churchart.com/ Occasionally I use a scan of a page (without permission) from The Upper Room published by The Upper Room, 1908 Grand Ave., Nashville TN 37203-2129. I hope I’m not sued. I highly recommend devouring The Upper Room daily.

Read on. They are organized by year and month of the original, providing it was written and of general (I hope) interest.

 I returned to Vanceburg in 2006 but did not start attending Church until early 2007. My tenure as The Christian Chatter Editor began with the June 2007 issue. Read on and enjoy. I think I improve with age.

On the right is the International Space Station after what I believe was its final upgrade. Its completion was of interest to me because I worked on its communications systems for several years many years ago. I hope to include a reminder of things past for each of my editorial years.

These articles are bet2008Olympicster than the rocky start last year. There are more of them, too. August is a must-take-to-heart-and-live-out guide for new parents, older parents, and the rest of us, as well.

On the left is the logo of the summer Olympics held in, you guessed it, Beijing, China. Also, there was an election in the United States but I do not feel comfortable talking about it except to say it was a win for sin. The real issues far outweigh that election event.

2009FlightcI hope you are not offended by politically incorrect humor. There is a bit of it in this years articles and in later years'articles as well.

It’s been 10 years since US Airways Flight 1549 landed in the Hudson, with no deaths and only minor injuries.The date and time was January 15, 209 7:38 am. The pilot was Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger.

2010chileMinebI got off to a rocky start. I did enjoy rereading the March entries. 

The event I picked to represent 2010 was the October 13th Chilean Mine Rescue of 33 miners after being trapped for 69 days.

2011NovThe April obituary is a standout. Being retired, I also liked August. September is pretty good, too. Perhaps I copy better than I create.

Without question, the terror attacks of November 11, 2011 stand alone as the event of 2011. We have won several skirmishes against the radical forces behind he attack and other terrorist events. There will be no end to this until radical teachers are quarantined  and schools stop teaching that evil is right.Satin has a real stranglehold on exploitable Islamic youth. I fear we are in the process of raising radical socialist Americans who might join or take over from radical Islamists.

2012OlympicsMarch is a must-read. As a whole the year was a missing-issue year. My alcohol addiction was beginning to surface. 

You may notice I did not recognize the winter Olympics of 2010. It is personal. I do not like winter or anything related to winter. Again there was an election competing for honors. However, good news always trumps bad news.

2013mandelaI started messing with the name and format of the newsletter ultimately returning to The Christian Chatter. The "Dear Abby" of March is all too true. April and May have some interesting information in them. The rest is average, maybe.

The event of the year is the passing of Nelson Mandela. He lived from 18 July 1918 to 5 December 2013. He spent 27  years in prison for conspiring to overthrow the South African apartheeid government. In later years he became President of South Africa  from 1994 to 1999. His government focused  on dismantling the legacy of apartheid by tackling institutionalized racism and fostering racial reconciliation. I elieve he won a skirmish against Satin.

2014IsisThe first January entry is priceless. February has a gem, too.

 A terror group that most Americans had never heard of prior to this year, known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), took brutality to a new level with graphic beheadings and the brutal takeover of entire towns in Syria and Iraq. Satan is on the move. Radical unreasoning violence has no place in humanity regardless of the claimed intent.

2015FrancisIt was a pretty good year, sayeth the author. Read on and judge for yourself.

 As to the event of the year, most listings were disasters, terrorist attacks, murder, or natural disaster. The only benign event was Pope Francis' visit to the United States from September 22 to 27.

2016OlympicsAll in all, it was a pretty good year for The Christian Chatter.

For my event of the year, I selected the Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 5 to 21.

Probably more significant was the election of Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States. I was for him and hope his presidency leads to a more tolerant population and one where America is more important than the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. So far it is not happening although America and its people seem to be getting better off.  

2017TrumpThere is a lot of chatter over the months of 2017. Some looks to be pretty good as I scan over it. Other parts are ho-hum.

Trump becoming president has to be the event of the year. Using today (March 21, 2019)  as a viewpoint, the economy seems much better, the world situation seems to be better with some possibilities for real improvement, but the country is divided more deeply and violently than ever. Satan is capitalizing on the Democratic move toward Socialism, their penchant to violent encounters, our penchant to becoming obese, and a government that garners votes by giving something for nothing. Satan has the upper hand presently. 

 2018NKoreaAs time passes, I find I'm writing more of Christian topics and less of the frivolous. I also find myself commenting from the sidelines about politics, mostly because I see it as a battle of good versus evil.; shame on me.

The meeting between North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore on June 12 is perhaps the turning point in a confrontational world. Let us pray so for the people of North Korea if no one else. Why is it that oppressive dictators can't see the benefits of benevolence, connecting with the free world, and peace?

2019EventMy most pleasurable experience was my contact with George Müller through his autobiography and the courage he gave me to follow his lead. By far the most time consuming and energy robbing effort is my, so far, losing struggle with lung cancer. I am trying to channel as much of my remaining strength and energy into completing the one task God wants completed to such a degree that my successors can continue it as God disclosed to me. That effort is Forward with Friends, LLC and its website.

To end these articles on a happy note, my pick of the event of the year is the defeat of the Houston Astros by the Washington Nationals in the 115th edition of the World Series.It was the first World Series win in Washington Nationals history.