I returned to Vanceburg in 2006 but did not start attending Church until early 2007. My tenure as The Christian Chatter Editor began with the June 2007 issue. Read on and enjoy. I think I improve with age.

On the right is the International Space Station after what I believe was its final upgrade. Its completion was of interest to me because I worked on its communications systems for several years many years ago. I hope to include a reminder of things past for each of my editorial years.


New Hand at the Wheel; For the past five years a valued member of our Church has been, with the help of her daughter, creating, editing, and producing “The Christian Chatter”. After five years they decided they needed a vacation from it so they handed it off to a volunteer. We wish to thank them for many, many hours of hard work that has provided us with much joy.

I am the volunteer and I ask for your help and patience as I try to learn my job. So, if you have any suggestions or advice, please see me and tell me, call me, write me, or e-mail me.

I’m Allen Booth. See me and tell me when we run into each other or come visit me at the top of Town Branch Hill (you are always welcome). Call me (you may get my answering machine), e-mail me, write me..

Many of you will remember my father, Bootie, and my mother, Bob. I will never fill their shoes but with God’s help I will do the best I can.

New Announcements; If you want your announcement to appear here, please provide it to me. I accept handwritten, typewritten, e-mail or verbal inputs. With verbal inputs I will do my best to print what you told me but may not get exactly as you want it. Announcements can include (but are not limited to) graduations, celebrations, or achievements in your life or someone else in the church family that you would like to share with the church family. We welcome any joyful news so please share it with us. This is your page. I hope you will use it, share your joy with us, and make it a big part of “The Christian Chatter.

Author'current comment; Not much of a start.



The Alms Fund;  When the Sacrament of Holy Communion was celebrated on the first Sunday in July, many of you did not have an opportunity to give to the church’s Alms Fund. This was due in large part because of the manner in which the Communion Elements were served, in the pews. At the Administrative Council Meeting on July 9th a consensus was reached that on those Communion Sundays on which the Communion Elements are served to the congregation in the pews; a separate collection for the Alms Fund will be received. Contributions are to be made only if you feel led by God to give to support this ministry of assistance and compassion. This offering will be taken prior to the beginning of the Ritual for Holy Communion as outlined in the bulletin. The Sacrament of Holy Communion will next be celebrated on Sunday, August 5th during the Morning Worship Service. 

God is Like; A fifth-grade teacher in a Christian school asked her class to look at TV commercials and see if they could use them in some way to communicate ideas about God. This is the first of many. More will follow as space permits. 

God is like – a HALLMARK Card.  He cares enough to send His very best.

Author's Current comment: It would appear I never did finish the “God is like” list. I found a similar list on the internet and add it now.

God is like Coke; He's the real thing.

God is like Pan Am; He makes the going great

God is like General Electric; He lights your path.

God is like Bayer Aspirin; He works wonders.

God is like a Hallmark Card; He cares enough to send the very best.

God is like Tide; He gets the stains out that others leave behind.

God is like VO5 Hair Spray; He holds through all kinds of weather.

God is like Dial soap; Aren't you glad you know him?  Don't you wish everyone did?

God is like Sears; He has everything.

God is like Alka Seltzer; Try Him, you'll like Him.

God is like Scotch Tape; You can't see Him, but you know He's there.

God is like an American Express Card; don't leave without Him!


Author'current comment; There were no more issues in 2007 until December, also showing a bad start. 



New Beginning; We will have a new pastor, beginning with the first Sunday in January until about mid-year. Let’s all do what we can to make him welcome in our Church and community. More information about him will be provided in the next issue. Welcoming a new pastor means saying goodbye to the retiring one. We wish him a happy retirement. The new year begins very soon. Let’s all make a resolution to come to Sunday School and Church every Sunday we can and bring a friend or neighbor.

Apology and Resolution; I want to apologize for the lack of The Christian Chatters for the past half year and for the quality of this issue. I had several health and home remodeling problems. My New Year’s Resolution is to restore the quality and regularity of The Christian Chatter beginning in January.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.