2017TrumpThere is a lot of chatter over the months of 2017. Some looks to be pretty good as I scan over it. Other parts are ho-hum.

Trump becoming president has to be the event of the year. Using today (March 21, 2019)  as a viewpoint, the economy seems much better, the world situation seems to be better with some possibilities for real improvement, but the country is divided more deeply and violently than ever. Satan is capitalizing on the Democratic move toward Socialism, their penchant to violent encounters, our penchant to becoming obese, and a government that garners votes by giving something for nothing. Satan has the upper hand presently. 


Firsts; Well, this is the first issue this year and also the first month of a new year. Another first came to mind, the first week of our universe, the week God worked very hard for six days and then rested one. It was a majestic week.

There are those (scientists for want of a better name) who say it was formed much earlier than the Bible states. They say it was created by something they call The Big Bang. Perhaps they are right but something or someone created The Big Bang and that someone was God.  No matter how you look at it, there is an unexplained event before the first postulated by science.

The time and timing are not very important, I think. Perhaps God did it when the Bible states and backdated much of his creation so scientists would have something to do. Perhaps time is much different for God and for us.

What is important and that which scientists cannot explain is the very first event where something was made out of nothing. I kind of like the idea that God backdated and planted events, stars, planets, dark matter, fossils, time measurement, and whatever else was needed (A Big Bang) in order to create doubt about how things came to be. For believers, there is no doubt that God created everything out of nothing one way or another.

For me, the bigger question is, “Why did He create the universe?” I have no answer, but that question leads to the next topic.

Why; The hardest questions to answer mostly start with word, WHY. “Why did I get cancer? Why was my baby born with a disability? Why are my knees failing me? Why do people think fighting is the way to win? Why is wealth the premier measurement of success?

None of these has a reasonable answer to us. Never the less, they are a part of our life. Are our problems all brought about because of Eve’s and Adam’s sin? Perhaps, but human frailty also gives challenges to many people once sin was introduced.

A Bit of Humor; I found this while in a doctor’s waiting room waiting for a friend and learning of his coming need for eye surgery, another unexplainable why. It was in the Dec/Jan2017 issue of Reader’s Digest.

“I constantly tell my nine-year-old twins how important it is to stay in school, and yet every day, they come home.”

Psalm (151); We have been studying various Psalms in our Sunday School classes. All our lives most of us have heard that there are 150 Psalms, but I vaguely remembered recently seeing a Bible that had 151 of them. I looked for but could not find it. A search of the internet produced Psalm 151. It is sometimes unnumbered and almost never in included in Bibles. It is ascribed to David. It is thought to have been written shortly after David defeated Goliath in single combat. Here is the text, as obtained from the internet.

Psalm 151;  1 Little was I among my brethren: A younger brother in my father's house. 2 My hands, they made an instrument of music: My fingers, they prepared a psaltery.

3 And who shall bring back tidings to my master? The Lord Himself, Himself gives ear. 4 Himself sent forth His messenger: And took me from among my father's sheep; And with the oil of His anointing He anointed me. 5 Comely my brethren were and tall: And yet they found not favor with the Lord. 6 But I, I sallied forth to meet the alien: And he reviled me by all his idols. 7 But I drew forth the sword that was beside him: I cut his head off with it, and from the sons of Israel removed reproach.



Cheerios; CheeriOats debuted in 1941. The name changed to Cheerios in 1945 and was plugged as “Made from oats” for years. Then came the mixed versions; Very Berry, Apple Cinnamon, Frosted, and some others, all additives to Cheerios (made from Oats) the basic ingredient – OATS.

Then came Multi Grain Cheerios. It seems to me that it is misleading that Cheerios (made from Oats) now includes (in addition to Whole Grain Oats) Whole Grain Corn, Whole Grain Rice, Whole Grain Sorghum, and Whole Grain Millet.

Perhaps it should be renamed as Cheericroms.

Consider the above as wandering thoughts of a mind getting old and worried about filling a page with trivia.



More About Cheerios; Last month I neglected to say I think Cheericroms (aka Multigrain Cheerios) taste much better than Cheerios.

An Itching Problem and its Fix; Many months ago I developed a red itchy spot on my left ankle. I used an anti-itch cream before bed and that fixed it for the night. Over the months, the spot got bigger and rougher. I got in the habit of using the anti-itch cream every night and it still worked, but it was back the next night.

Then I saw an article in the Mayo Clinic newsletter that warned that continual use of an anti-itch cream would thin your skin and over time make things worse. It suggested using a body cream instead.

I started doing that and after a few weeks the itch is gone and the spot is almost gone.

Conclusion: Beware of overusing temporary relief medications.

From the Turning Point Newsletter by David Jeremiah; Thanks to  congregant, I now receive a daily email newsletter from David’s organization. It is good reading, but this stood out to me.

[Actress Carrie Fisher got it right when she said, “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”]

Another from Kentucky Explorer; To be witty is not enough. One must also possess sufficient wit to avoid having too much of it. – Andre Maurois.

And Another; It is the little bits of things that fret and worry us; we can dodge an elephant, but we can’t dodge a fly. – Josh Billings.



Another from Kentucky Explorer;  “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” – John Ruskin

I like it but I am not sure I totally agree about snow.

Thee or the?; I learned a nightly prayer when I was a youngster. One part was ‘I pray ** Lord, my soul to keep.’ Until recently, I used the in place of the **.

I now realize that was wrong. Using the meant I was asking another god to intercede with The Lord to keep m soul. The correct word is Thee as I now say.

Losing Weight; Some of you may have noticed I have lost some weight. The loss is intentional, not from a condition. So far, I have lost about 13 pounds just as Nutrisystems says you can lose in a month using their plan. I did not use their plan.

Nutrisystems also says their plan causes you to lose 7 inches overall. I would measure my overall, but I don’t know where it is.

Maxwell Automobile;  This paragraph is the result of hearing that Jack Benny traded in his Stanley Steamer for a Maxwell in 1938. The last Maxwell was made in 1925 so Jack’s new car was at least 13 years old when he got it. As I remember he hung onto the Maxwell throughout his radio and TV career.

Maxwell Motors became Chrysler and is now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. In its day, Maxwell Motors was one of the big three along with General Motors and Ford.

Blackbirds; Last Sunday, our Pastor  spoke of blackbirds and how they remind her of the Holy Spirit. It reminded me of an experience I had many years ago with crows. I think crows are just large blackbirds. The story is one my "Fictual Views."

Hand Printing; Several years ago I went with  friend to Morehead (as I remember) to keep a Doctor’s appointment he had.

While waiting, I watched him fill in a form by printing. It was almost of draftsman quality. I was impressed and decided I needed to recover the printing style I had learned in Engineering Drafting classes the University of Cincinnati. I am not as good as he but I am very glad I heeded his example. Thank you for that, dear friend.

Easter; Our class leader asked us in Sunday School class last Sunday if anyone knew how we got the word Easter for the celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection.

I decided to see what the internet had to say on the subject. I searched (using Google) for ‘Easter etymology’ and was rewarded with 473,000 results in 0.73 seconds. Following are some excerpts from them.

It derives from and old English word, eastre, and a German word, ostern. Saint Bede, aka Venerable Bede or Bede the Venerable, says Eastre was associated with a goddess of spring. Bede also says Anglo-Saxon Christians adopted her name and many of the celebratory practices for their Mass of Christ's resurrection.

Christian writings make an explicit connection between Passover and Easter, equating Jesus to a "paschal lamb," a reference to the traditional Passover sacrifice. The English adjective paschal, which can mean either "relating to Passover" or "relating to Easter," is derived from the Hebrew word for Passover, pesaḥ (typically written as Pesach in English).

In A.D. 325, the Emperor Constantine, who favored Christianity, convened a meeting of Christian leaders to resolve important disputes at the Council of Nicaea. The most fateful of its decisions was about the status of Christ, whom the council recognized as fully human and fully divine. This council also resolved that Easter should be fixed on a Sunday, not on day 14 of Nisan. As a result, Easter is now celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox.

Easter eggs are first mentioned around 1572, much earlier than the Easter bunny.



From Footnotes; Footnotes was the monthly newsletter of the United States Shoe Corporation. I found these two gems in the May 1969 issue.

Political campaigns are based on the premise, “You can’t try a man for blaming.”

Shoe store manager to customer: “Yes, we have quite a selection of loafers. I’ll see if I can get one of them to wait on you.”

Bible Reading; I had this page almost done, but after hearing the message last Sunday I felt compelled to write this instead. The speaker told us four things we need to do to strengthen our relationship with God. They were; attend Church services regularly, read the Bible regularly, pray regularly, and exercise good moral conduct always.

This is about Bible reading. Thanks to my Cousin several years ago, I started reading the Bible to a schedule she gave me. It started with Chapter 1 of Genesis on the first day (Jan. 1) and ended with Chapter 22 of Revelation 365 days later (Dec. 31).

I did this for several years. I used the King James Version one year, then the New International Version one year, and the New Oxford Annotated Version another year. One year I listened to CDs of the King James Version while following along in my Bible. One year, instead of the Bible, I read the Apocrypha and an English language translation of the Koran.

Near the end of 2016, I decided my next reading would be the Common English Bible (CEB) along with listening to an audio recording of it. I got the audio (a single USB memory stick) and hard copy from Cokesbury. The CEB seems to be the United Methodist Church version of choice. After a rocky start in January, I decided to take the year off.

Last Sunday, the speaker convinced me to start now, not next year. To that end I spent some time hunting a reading plan that accommodated an anytime starting date. I found one. It lets you start any day and, if you keep on schedule, 365 days later you will have read the entire Bible.

I had some trouble figuring out how to play the memory stick on my Xbox-360. Then I was listening to a pleasant voice reading Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Genesis while I read along.

The CEB is not what we are used to reading but it has the same message. After reading several versions, I feel none is 100% to my liking, but m liking is based on my ideas of the meaning of words. Based on years of contract negotiation meetings, I can image what meetings to reach a consensus on wording might have been.



Calendars; I got my first two for 2018  this month. 

Bible Reading Update;  Last month I wrote about my intention to listen to the CEB because it was sponsored in part by The United Methodist Church. I was enjoying it until I heard Genesis Chapter 15, verses 18 through 21. I finished the daily reading and then began comparing what I had heard with other versions I have.

Here are those verses from the CEB and only the CEB as far as I could discover.

18 That day the LORD cut a covenant with Abram: “To your descendants I give the land , from Egypt’s river to the great Euphrates, 19 together with the Kenites, the Kenizzites, the Kadmonites, 20  the Hittites, the Perizzites, the Rephaim, 21 the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.”

What struck me as odd were the first two words of verse 19, “together with.” This surprised me as I had always though God had promised the land to Abram and his descendants alone.

I found an internet site, Bible Hub, http://biblehub.com. I found that of 22 versions covered at the site, one has “with”, 7 have “the land of” and 14 have “the” instead of “together with.”

The site also had word for word coverage of the Hebrew text. The Hebrew has untranslatable symbols that indicate words of the accusative case follow. It is usually used to indicate the beginning of a list further defining a previous less definite word. There is seems to be nothing in the Hebrew that suggests together with or a sharing of the land.

It would seem the CEB is in a minority group that have Abram’s descendants sharing the land with those named, but in reality that is what happened.

I now listen to the CEB version but follow along in my four version (NIV, KJV, NASB, and AB) side-by-side bible because I now think there is some unnecessary modernization in the CEB.

I found some questionable choices of words in Exodus as well.

  1. Amazing act instead of miracle to describe the plagues on Egypt.
  2. No way! Instead of No! as Pharaoh’s response to Moses’ request to let the people go.
  3. “We don’t have a clue what has happened to him,” Instead of, “We don’t know where he is,” as what the Israelites told Aaron when Moses was away for many days.

It causes me to wonder at the motives behind so many new versions. I suspect greed is at least a part of why some are created.

As the King in “The King and I’ said, “‘Tis a puzzlement.”



Calendars; I got three more this month, now 5. I’m waiting to get the Citizens Deposit Bank one; that’s the one I hang on my refrigerator for daily use. 

Bananas; It seems to me there are five types of bananas; Too Ripe, Too Green, Too Big, Too Little, and Just Right. Of the five, stores almost never stock the Just Right ones.

Internet Dependence; Last Saturday lightning did something to disconnect my computer from the outside world – the internet. The disconnect prevented Glenda from sending her page to me so this newsletter is missing its "Good News" page. I apologize.

Video Game Curiosity; In the game I am currently playing there is a curious dual look at almost everything. The hero is the overlord of a country of demons and is seeking approval from his fellow demons. He is accompanied by a fallen angel. In conversations, these opposites constantly tell both sides of everything said or done. The overload is always negative. The fallen angel is always positive. When a conversation is over they end up fighting the usurpers together but for opposite reasons.

While I prefer the good reason, I can see that the bad reason is also plausible.  One or the other is sometimes weird.

It occurred to me that life is similar. We can be negative or positive in what we say, but either way we end up doing what is needed. It seems we should be more tolerant of negative talk, but that is hard to do. It also seems we should be careful to see and to voice the positive side of topic whenever we can.

Bees; My hummingbird feeder attracts bees. The bees crawl into it thereby committing suicide. It proves you can catch more bees with sugar water than with vinegar.



Who is Better (Best?); Many Sundays ago, in Sunday School class this approximate question was asked; “Who’s better, a good atheist or a bad Christian?” I thought a good bit about it and decided to share my thoughts.

First, I think ‘bad’ and ‘Christian’ are contradictory. A bad Christian does not exist. However, someone professing to be a Christian could be bad.

The question also implies two conditions not actually mentioned in the question. From a logic viewpoint there are four types of people to be considered. A person can be either good or bad. A person can be either an atheist or a Christian,

In summary, all people can be put in one of these four groups;

Christians (in name only) who do bad things, the bad Christians of the question.

  1. Christians (in name only) who do bad things, the bad Christians of the question.
  2. Atheists who do good things; the good atheists of the question.
  3. Christians who do good things; good Christians as implied by the question.
  4. Atheists who do bad things; bad atheists as implied by the question.

In this world, the people in groups 2 and 3 do good things in the eyes of the world. The people in groups 1 and 4 do bad things in our eyes.

Comparing group 1 with group 2 clearly answers the question in the eyes of the world in favor of group 2, the good atheist.

But what of life eternal? Only those in group 3 are assured a place there. The rest are on equally shaky ground, but all of them have a chance to join change and thus move into group 3.

As an aside, I think we are very bad judges of what is good and what is bad for the people in this world. Too often, we think people driven by greed or pride to extremes are doing good things.

Those afflicted with one or more of the seven deadly sins (especially greed and pride) are often wrongly seen as good. Many of our most wealthy and most of our many political leaders are afflicted by several of the deadly sins.

Bible Listening; I like listening to the Bible. I like hearing all those ancient names pronounced without a pause. They may not be right but they sound good. I still have some problems with the CEB wording. The last one is forbidding “job related” work. It seems to imply you can do any other work.

Addiction Update; Last Friday,  August 4th,marked three years since God changed my life by ridding me of the desire for alcohol.

A Riddle; I got this from the June/July 2017 Ranger Rick magazine; What is a cats favorite kind of pudding? Tabby-oca.



Adversity; Last Sunday, our Pastor spoke of adversity and suggested it is a good thing to dig another well when the current one runs dry.

I have had a series of adversities (in reality, annoyances) this last month or so, so many that I now see them as humorous and wait for the next one, but not eagerly.

The first was a burned-out modem following a huge clap of thunder and a bright lightning flash. It took a week and a half for a repairman to replace it.

Next were a terminal illness, veterinarian visit, and euthanasia for Grumpy Cat. I miss him. Those might really be adversities.

Then came the annoyances; a brief power outage turned off my TV, my water and my new modem. my plumber of choice  fixed my water problem in half a day, Windstream sent a modem overnight, and the TV worked when I tried it one last time two days later before hunting a repairman or buying a new one.

Also, I received a gift watch and when I set the time, it refused to restart. Again, three days later I tried one last time before going the repair route and lo and behold it started and has been running ever since.

After a storm my satellite receiver reported it had no signal After looking around for an obvious problem, I found a loose coax connection. Tightening it fixed the problem.

In addition, my computer has stopped having startup issues since I changed virus detection software and a long broken TV set instead of being scrap now works following a minor repair. I was surprised to find a TV repair service in South Portsmouth run by an 80 something Christian. I also had a failure in the device that allows me to connect the Church PC to my home computer. A new link fixed the issue and the connection is even better than before.

The annoyances have been absent for many days now, but I sometimes wonder what will be the next “drop the other shoe” event. I hope there are no more shoes.

At any rate, I am ready for the next adversity and confident God will help me overcome it.

False Gods; I have named the newest false Gods Cellphonella and (read in reverse) AkoobecaF. Their followers are taught by MissPell. The honur students are Nopunct, Grammernot, and nocap.

Is This Good?; Now that home schooling is offered via the Internet from Kindergarten to becoming a college graduate, it is possible for a child to become a college graduate without ever meeting anyone except immediate family.

Think on This; There is a saying, “An empty barrel makes the most noise.” Does it apply to people?

Next Month; I hope to make better use of this page next month.



Ancestry; Several weeks ago, I had my DNA evaluated by Ancestry.com. I would be told who my ancestors “some thousands of years ago” were. The quote is from the commercial.

When I sent the sample in, I wondered if I would be as surprised as those in the TV commercials. I was not, but I did get some unexpected results.

The major result s are that I am 39% Irish (present day Ireland, Wales, Scotland); 30% Western European (present day Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein);  and 19% Scandinavian (present day Sweden, Norway, Denmark.) That accounts for 88% of me. I was a little surprised there was no English (Great Britain) there.

The remaining 12% comes from the following: 6 % Spanish, 1% Italian/Greek; 1% British, 1% Finnish/North Western Russian, 1% European Jewish, 1% Middle Eastern, and 1% South Asian.

It would seem that the larger percentages come from most recent ancient unions and the smaller percentages came much earlier (really ancient times) so they could be watered down substantially.

It is almost easy to see the meeting of a man and a woman in what is now called Europe, but how did the Middle Eastern boy or girl meet an European girl or boy? More difficult to account for is the meeting of a anyone from Southern Asia with anyone from the other areas and to have the child grow up in Europe.

The infusion of Middle Eastern and South Indian blood might be a good subject for a speculative short story or novel, probably not a best seller though.

I won’t go so far as to recommend having your DNA analyzed but it does provide some food for thought.

 Author'current comment; An update 'to the DNA report said I am about 0.5 % Neanderthal  , higher than the average.

From Kentucky Explorer; George Bernard Shaw said, “Men are wise in proportion, not to their experience, but their capacity for experience.”

Calendars plus; I have lost track of the free 2018 calendars I have received but lately the begging companies are also sending Christmas (make that Holiday) greeting cards as enticements.

Also from Kentucky Explorer;

“I wish I had enough money to buy an elephant.”

“What do you want with an elephant?”

“I don’t. I just want the money.”



The New Covenant; We have been studying the new covenant promised by Jerimiah. Some thoughts came to mind after the lessons. I will pass them on. I make no claim that I am right.

I think we need to separate the religious discussion from the present day governmental discussion.

Religious discussion - The new covenant tells us that every individual has a heavenly future through Jesus. All that needs to be done is to repent and accept Jesus as the means to that future. Such believers are recognized as members of the Christian faith. Where that leaves persons of the Jewish faith who do not accept Jesus seems clear. They would be excluded from a heavenly future as would believers of many other faiths.

If you ask one of Jewish faith, they would say the promise to Israel (not the present day country) of a heavenly homeland is contained in the covenant God made with them long before the new covenant. I think they are right but I am not convinced that land is the land in the Middle East but is the same heaven we perceive.

As an aside, I think good Muslims will find their way to the same heaven.

Be all that as it may, I trust God and Jesus to get it right, but I have many doubts about my doing so.

Governmental Discussion – We need to stay friends with Israel, the country (not the Biblical Israel), because they have the same values we have and are something of a foothold of sanity in an otherwise chaotic and barbaric Middle East. We also need to be friends with Egypt and Jordan who share to some extent our western values.

Footnote; I was part of an RCA program in Iran in the late 70s. That was when the last Shah of Iran was attempting to bring Iran, kicking and screaming, from a first century mentality into the twentieth century in one generation. Unfortunately, he failed.



Coincidence; This morning I was thinking of something I should do very soon. I have been thinking about it for some time now. Then I started a Fill-In puzzle and a cup of coffee. The last word I entered to finish the puzzle was ACT. I thought of the task I should do. Then I looked at the next puzzle (as I always do) and its key word was YEAH. Was God telling me something or was it just a coincidence? I know the correct answer.

Dating Checks; I recently heard that checks dated on Sunday were not honored many years ago. I think that was true in my early years. Several states had blue laws to that end. There were also many other restrictions concerning Sunday.

Passing laws forcing people to respect Sunday is not the way to respect Sunday. The respect should come from people wanting to respect Sunday. Be that as it may, I had been but now don’t date checks with a Sunday date.

Tragedy Transformed; The November 27 page of The Upper Room was written by Gordon S. Grose. His page made me curious. I looked him up and found he had written a book. The book title is “Tragedy Transformed.” I ordered it and find it is about a tragedy in his life and about the book of Job. I have only read the preface so far. I found the following sentence intriguing. “The presence of evil is just as puzzling as the presence of God’s evidences of his “goodness.””

TV Evangelists; When I began reading “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer, I decided to see what her TV program was like. It is good. she is good, and I recommend it.

However, like all other such programs, it ends by asking for donations or contributions. Money is necessary to keep up the ministry, but many such ministries and ministers seem to have overly opulent lifestyles. That seems wrong to me.

One has to wonder how they view Jesus’ advice to the rich young ruler in Matthew 19:21. I would be much more comfortable with them if they were far less wealthy. I sometimes wonder which is more important to them, the money or the Word.

An internet search revealed the following. Some owned 10 million dollar private jets, some had 10 million dollar homes, and some owned several high valued homes. Fifteen had net worth of over 4 million dollars. Two were billionaires.

However, King David was also rich. Do you ever wonder why King David was so rich and lived so lavishly when his wealth could have helped so many?

Mr. Justice Stephen’ Observation; Last Sunday our Sunday School lesson had some examples of song lyrics being misheard. An example follows:

Credence Clearwater Revival did not give directions to a "bathroom on the right" but warned of a "bad moon on the rise." So much for the lesson.

Now for a personal example; in 6th grade, I learned Easter Parade from lyrics printed on the blackboard; black, not green or white. The line And of the girl I'm taking to the Easter parade was written such that the word taking had the ta on one board and king written across the board frames on the adjacent board. There was a big space between the ta and the king. I learned the line as And of the girl I'm ta king to the Easter parade. It did not make sense but that is how I still think and sing the line.

I spent much of my engineering career attempting to keep RCA/General Electric/Martin Marietta/Lockheed Martin from doing the same on paper in critical contractual documents. The reason: misunderstandings led to contractual arguments, which usually meant contractual document revisions which meant money lost or gained.

I found my guiding light to be an observation made in 1891. That observation follows shortly. It was made by Mr. Justice Stephen of the Great Britain Courts (Queen’s Court, I believe) in 1891. I had a framed copy of it hanging in my office at RCA/GE/Martin Marietta/Lockheed Martin for many years.

Mr. Justice Stephen once observed (Re Castioni [1891] 1 QB 149 at 167) that:

“It is not enough to attain to a degree of precision which a person reading in good faith can understand; but it is necessary to attain if possible to a degree of precision which a person reading in bad faith cannot misunderstand. It is all the better if he cannot pretend to misunderstand it.”

Slippery Slope; We are on something of a slippery slope. When I was a kid, we never would have snacked or had coffee during Services or Sunday School classes. We say that is OK now. I personally don’t like the new way, but I am guilty of snacking during lesson time.

When I was a kid, we never applauded special singing, music or presentations. I remember doing something and being sad that there was no applause. We applaud now. I’m unsure about it but I lean toward not applauding.

When I was a kid, we always dressed our best, our Sunday finest, for Sunday School and Church. Many of us do not do that now. Down dressing is a universal slide. I wore a suit and tie when I began my working career but was wearing sport shirts and pants when I retired. I had not taken the jump to jeans as some had. I did wear a suit and tie for special occasions. I now mostly wear jeans but do dress better for Sunday School and Church. I feel guilty about it most of the time but I still don’t get out the suit and tie. perhaps I should.

These are visible signs. I suspect they represent a similar slide elsewhere such as Sunday work.

Thank You; I wish to thank all of you for the Christmas Cards I received. I do not do cards any more. I use old age as the excuse although I’m not old. With that said and my excuse made - - -

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and may God bless us all.

Ancestry Update; Thanks to the Mormon Church’s ancestry efforts, I found a listing of my ancestors on Dad’s side going back into the 1200s. The Booths of around 1200 resided in the Lancashire area of Great Britain (very near to Scotland) and well within the area identified as Irish in the DNA analysis. I also discovered there was a migration from India to Europe, including England, beginning around 1200 and lasting to around 1500, more corroboration.

Circle-A-Word Puzzles; After doing many books of Circle-A-Word puzzles, I observed the difficulty in many of them is because the words are clustered together and overlap a lot. The ovals drawn around such “found” words obscure many of the letters of “not-yet-found” words. I started using a single line drawn through the “found” word, but that also covered up some letters. Then it occurred to me that there is really no need to draw lines at all unless the unused letters are also used. All the lines do is show that you have done what you already know you have done when you cross a word off the word list. All the same, there is some satisfaction in seeing all those lines crisscross the puzzle grid. I have opted to do Fill-in Puzzles instead. 

Abraham Lincoln Quote; When asked if God sided with the North or South, Lincoln said something like this, “I want to be on God’s side because God is never wrong.” It prompts the question, “Am I on God’s side? or do I just hope he is on my side?

Nancy Pelosi Quote; Recently, Nancy Pelosi said something like this, “God is on our side.” It seems to me that she should be concerned that she is on God’s side. God does not take sides. God does what is right.