Spiritual Views

A collection of spiritual articles

I was a skeptic, not sure I believed in miracles, but now I know miracles do happen. One happened to me. I have to tell of it although some of it is embarrassing. Please read it, learn from it, and try to lead a better life, please.

I had a dream about restoring shoes starting just before midnight on the night of December 6, 2015. The dream unfolded each time I woke. I woke up maybe three or four times. I have pondered that dream for almost a year. I think I have figured out its meaning and pieced together a short story about it.

I spend too much time playing video Role Playing Games (RPG). My PS3 or Xbox-360 are in use as much as my PC. I also occasionally use a PS2 or WII or Dreamcast console.

While reviewing and updating the Vanceburg United Methodist Church archived record books and beginning a new one I was impressed by some early history. I added much of it into the current record book. I decided to also share some of it with you, my readers. I have added interior pictures here and there to break the monotony of just text. The Church had a spire that was destroyed by lightning in the 50s. The fairly recent picture here is after that event.