I spend too much time playing video Role Playing Games (RPG). My PS3 or Xbox-360 are in use as much as my PC. I also occasionally use a PS2 or WII or Dreamcast console.


In an RPG, you play as a character, sometimes a group of characters, who are out to save the world from evil. The RPG Genre (I don’t like the word) are mostly morality plays where good wins over evil in the end.  

Blue Dragon is one such game. It was published by Microsoft Game Studios and is largely the brainchild of a company named Mistwalker. The hero is Shu, a 16 year old boy. All heroes seem to be teenagers or younger. 

Early in the game you discover that Shu can find a lot of ‘nothing’ in out-of-the-way places in his world. A pleasant voice says “nothing” to let you know you have found a ‘nothing.’ Throughout the game in strange places that quiet voice repeats another find of ‘nothing.’ 

Then very late in the game along the bank of a canal you cause Shu to speak to a man who politely asks Shu if he has any ‘nothing.’ As Shu hands over his collection of ‘nothing’ the man rewards him; the more ‘nothing’ Shu has, the better the reward. All-in-all there are over a thousand of ‘nothing’ to be found in the game.

And so it is with real life. We go through life doing small things and large things. We give little thought to the kindnesses we do, or the hurtful things we do, but late in the game, The Man asks, “How many of ‘nothing’ do you have?” We go over them and tally them and the number determines our reward. 

How many ‘nothing’ have you found or done today?