I had a dream about restoring shoes starting just before midnight on the night of December 6, 2015. The dream unfolded each time I woke. I woke up maybe three or four times. I have pondered that dream for almost a year. I think I have figured out its meaning and pieced together a short story about it.

ShoesSmFirst Awakening

A well-dressed man walked into a shoe store that included a line of restored previously-owned top-of-the-line shoes. The store stock consisted of some amazingly well restored shoes.

The store owner recognized the man as one of the men who restored shoes for him. After greeting him, the owner said, “I have a pair only you can restore,” and handed over a pair of terribly trashed shoes.

“You should throw these out, but if you insist, I will try my best to restore them,” the repairman said.

“I insist,” the store owner said. The man left with the shoes.


Second Awakening

A month later the man returned and handed the restored shoes to the store owner. “What do you think?” he asked.

The store owner looked them over and said, “I think you can do better than this,” and handed them back.


Third Awakening

A month after that the man returned again and handed the better restored shoes to the store owner. “What do you think now?” he asked.

The store owner looked them over and said, “They look almost like new but I think you can do even better,” and he handed them back again.

“I don’t think so but I will try,” the man said as he left. 

Two weeks later the man handed the shoes to the store owner again. “I can’t do any better,” he said.

“They look like new,” the store owner said. He paid the man.


Fourth Awakening

About a year later, a shabby dressed unshaved man came into the shoe store. “What can I do for you?” the store owner asked. He looked closer and said, “I know you. You used to restore shoes for me.”

The man smiled and said, “And now I need a pair.”

The store owner returned the smile and said, “I have just the pair for you.” He went into the back of the store and returned with a pair of shoes that looked almost new and handed them to the man. “How about this pair?”

“That’s the pair of shoes you made me spend so much time on last year,” the shoe repairman said.

The store owner smiled and nodded. “They are yours now.”


In Summary

I think God sent that dream to me. I think He wished me to tell this story to you. I am heeding His wish.

If all of us are not in the shoe repair business we should be. I am working on a few but the Store Owner is not satisfied yet. Are you in the shoe repair business? You should be. Some day you or someone you know may need the shoes you helped repair earlier in life.