Of The Material World

Early in my working career, I got an unheard of raise of 9%. Another worker got wind of it and was unhappy with his 5% raise. He was told the raises were merit based. He became a staunch advocate of our engineering union. The union sought ot define merit and how much merit was worth. Over the years I watched the top percentage fall as the worst percentage increased until almost everyone was guaranteed almost the same increase regardless of worth. Every engineering salary was trending toward the average.

The original article about fooling people, pleasing people, and the similarity to lying to people was incoherent. Therefore it is gone. There was some background information worth keeping. It's about President Lincoln's Fooling People quote. It follows.


National Security is partly dependent on a reliable Sensitive Document control procedure. It is not a good idea to let sensitive information get into anyone's hands not having a need-to-know. Procedures, some classified, have been developed to control document (information) distribution. The procedures are time consuming, not what a person's primary job is, and hence prone to be glossed over or partially ignored. This article about security classification is based on my experiences in the days when I was employed and had a security clearance.